Oh, for the love of Ops!

“Day 2” represents your environment after that gnarly development project is complete. Are you planning for Day 2 On while in the midst of the Day 1 tyranny of the urgent?

  • The developers are gone.
  • Money has run out.
  • The business has lost interest.

Yet, somebody has to:

  • Tend to production outages, upgrades, and maintenance.
  • Manage the code delivery systems that are likely manual in nature.
  • Hold on to the tribal knowledge.
  • Be the hero.

What if:

  • All development was started with “Day 2” in mind?
  • “DevOps” wasn’t a thing to hire out for…that the platform had an “on rails” method by which developers could deploy their code?
  • Observability was baked in?

Key Outcomes

Platform Experimentation.

Focus your experimentation not on runtime technology, but on business logic. Don't use technology without connecting it to business value.

Platform Enablement.

Prescriptive platforms free operations teams up to work on Chaos Engineering and Synthetic Testing. Simplification is key.

Platform Services.

Common tooling in your platform enables all projects deployed to inherit sweet optics, and other common services

Platform Solutions for the Enterprise

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